Song of the Day

July 25, 2013
Clash On The Big Bridge Metal
Final Fantasy V

Just found this video on Youtube today during one of my 6-hour-long game cover hunts.  That's where I find one game cover video, and then open all the related videos that look interesting in separate tabs, and then do the same on each of those videos as well.  I end up with twenty tabs open at once, opening more from each one and closing them only once I've listened to everything they have to offer.  And when I find a particular channel that has a lot of awesome songs on it, I'll subscribe to it and bleed it dry of any and all download links, slowly and methodically.  You'd think I'd be running out of new channels to see at this point, but luckily for me, YouTube is nearly infinite when it comes to game covers.

This particualr video was good enough for me to go "Ok, shit, I need to play this on my website today."  Not only is the recording quality of this cover very good, but the guitarist's skill at playing that 7-string guitar could make even Tosin Abasi drool.  And the fact that he turned the song into prog metal makes it even better (AND more Tosin Abasi-like, again!).

(He's from Animals As Leaders.  Look him up.)


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