470: Reminder

My legs look weird in panel 1, I think I drew them too short.  Both the thighs and calves should be longer, but I didn't realize it until after it was done.  Next time, though: you can bet I'm gonna make those thighs and calves the best thighs and calves ev4r.

Time for some music, nerdlings!  As a little thank you for staying sexy, here's a very sexy flamenco/metal band from America called, what else: Flametal!  Yes, as if the name wasn't enough of a description already, Flametal combines the acoustic stylings of traditional Spanish flamenco guitar with the electric stylings of neo-classical metal, for a tasty combination of both worlds.  You'll hear sections that are all flamenco, sections that are all metal, and sections that combine both at once, filling every desire you might have of either genre!  Now, this combo might seem really cool (because it is), but that's not all they have going for them.  They also play it WELL.  I mean, flamenco is hard to play already, so props to their guitarist Benjamin Woods for being skilled at THAT, but then add some awesome metal on top of it, and these guys deserve all the credit they can get.  Unfortunately for us, most of the songs on YouTube aren't very high quality, but here are a few goods ones for you guys to enjoy.  Here's one of their many instrumental pieces called "Into Fear," and then one that has lyrics to it, called "Master Of The Aire."  And then finally an acoustic version of Iron Maiden's "Aces High," from their flamenco cover album Heavy Mellow.  Check these guys out, and then help me thank Jonathan from Puerto Rico for his excellent recommendation!  Thanks Jonathan!

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