Song of the Day

July 27, 2013
Sheriff Of Huddersfield
Iron Maiden
Somewhere In Time (1986)

Here's a song from the Limited Edition version of Iron Maiden's album Somewhere In Time.  This song is a joke making fun of Iron Maiden manager Rod Smallwood, who was known for being incredibly stingy, earning him his nickname in the title for the comparison to the Sheriff Of Nottingham.  Smallwood had recently moved to Los Angeles before the recording of this album, and was often complaining to the band how hard it was for him to adjust to life there.  The band recorded this song as a joke, and kept it a secret from him.  He didn't know about it until it was released as the B-side of one of their singles.

Other important fun fact:  the opening dialogue "We're on a mission from Rod," is a parody of the line from the movie The Blues Brothers: "We're on a mission from God."  This is important because The Blues Brothers is awesome and you should have all watched it by now.


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