471: Anxiety

Good evening Ladies and Lady-men!  Many apologies for the late upload today, I spent all day working on other things before starting on the comic.  Things I'm sure you will all come to enjoy soon enough!

I've got a treat for the progressive metal lovers out there today!  This is an Australian band called Serious Beak, who intersperse their deep, constantly-changing prog metal riffs with moments of slow, spacey prog rock.  So if you're the kind of person who listens to Dream Theater and thinks "Man, I wish I could take this and add just a hint of early Pink Floyd or King Crimson to it," then this will be just the band for you.  (It's still 90% heavy prog metal though)  You can check out their debut album on their label's bandcamp page.  All the songs are instrumental, which is something I love for prog metal like this, the kind that has ever-changing rhythms and patterns.  Every five seconds the rhythm will change from something unusual to something else unusual, so your mind never gets bored and never knows what's going to come next.  Check these guys out, as well as some of the other artists featured by this label.  There are a lot of awesome prog/stoner/psychadelic metal bands on here.

For fans of pyschadelic stoner rock: Hydromedusa, and this whole huge stoner rock compilation!  For fans of riffy, fuzzy doom metal: Adrift For Days.  For the slowest, sludgiest, growliest Sunn O))) fans: Space Bong.  For fans of hardcore punk (the kind that's fast and screamy enough to practically be thrash metal): Battle Pope and Jesus Christ Posse.  And finally a compilation for the melodic post-rock and shoegaze fans.  You can get most of these albums for whatever price you want, so go crazy, alternative metal fans!  And if you guys find anything to enjoy from that label at all, you've got to thank Jarred from Canada for telling me about Serious Beak.  Thanks a bunch, Jarred!  See you all tomorrow!

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