474: Drone Metal

Drone metal, or drone doom metal, is an alternative metal genre that should be easy to understand just from its name.  The guitars play long, long, long, drones of the same note, sometimes with no other accompaniment, and with a lot of noise and a lot of feedback.  Jokes like this one are popular amongst drone doom fans, who know that speed is the exact opposite of what the genre is all about.

Also, hooray for more art experimentation!  Hooray for awkward artistic growing pains!  Hooray for Photoshop crashes!  Today I tried a couple new things, like using smaller outlines, darker blurred shading, and of course noses on Cassie and Arya.  I don't think I like the thinner outlines and the blue background color in this strip, so I'll probably go back to my regular thick outlines and green background again tomorrow.  For the shading, the first panel uses darker shadows and a blur effect.  I didn't like the way it came out at first, so I did the other three panels normally.  But now, looking at it again, I actually like the first panel more than I originally did.  As for the noses, I'm still totally undecided on them right now.  You can't even see Cassie's behind her hair, so she looks good, and her sister's nose looks good on her too, but I'm still on the fence about both the guys.  Arya is kinda stuck in the uncanny valley in this strip, because his head and hair shape are still very cartoonish, so adding more realistic features doesn't look quite right.  But I might need to simply rearrange his facial features a little bit, so we'll see if we can't get it working over the next week.  Also, I realized today that drawing Cassie with freckles is the cutest fucking thing on the planet.  I was seriously contemplating giving her freckles from now on just because of that panel, but as it turns out, they look best when her hair is totally blonde, so I decided that keeping the pink in her hair was the more important thing.  And also cuz, you know, Cassie's never had freckles.  But hell, I'd add them, screw correctness.

And now, I promised you guys some music, and by god I'm gonna give you some music!  This here is a Danish rock band called The Floor Is Made Of Lava.  Fans of pretty alternative rock like Imagine Dragons and garage rock will find lots to enjoy from these guys, the singer has that kind of strained, irregular voice that indie and alternative bands thrive on, while the guitars sound like a more alternative version of garage bands like the Black Keys and Blue Van.  Check out some of their songs right here, starting with "Happy Monday," and then "Harder Than You Think," and finally the mellower song "Lost In The Woods."  A special thanks to Marco from Denmark for several awesome band recs, including this one here!  You rule Marco!

I'll see you guys tomorrow or sometime close to it!  I've still been getting a lot of behind-the-scenes work done lately, including typing up my next two Full Page Rants!  Get hyped, because those will both be arriving in the next couple of weeks!

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