475: Guitar Hands

Guitar hands are gross.  Helpful, but gross.  Not much experimentation with this comic, it was mostly about getting a second look at Kevin-face avec nose, and seeing some of my new colors used with my old background and line thicknesses.  Besides the fact that I drew my nose a little too big here, I think it's shaping up rather well so far, so it could just be Arya's nose that still needs a little fine tuning, so that he stops looking like Bert from Sesame Street. (Damn to Chris from Australia for pointing that out to me, which I now can't unsee.)  I can say indubitably, however, that that middle panel is an accurate, true-to-life representation of my left hand.  That's a strange thing to be proud of as an artist - to be able to draw hands well, but not faces.  But knowing my luck, in a few months those two things will be switched.  I've really enjoyed the feedback you guys have been sending in so far, so keep it coming!  The general reaction has been, expectedly, rather mixed.

If you guys don't already know the progressive metal band Periphery, you should totally check them out!  Periphery are one of the biggest influences in the modern guitar style known as "djent," which you may recognize from other prog metal bands like Animals As Leaders, and Meshuggah (who were one of the founders).  "Djent" refers to the sound the guitar makes during their deep, heavy, palm-muted riffs, as if it were going "djent dj-dj-dj-djent.," and it's commonly associated with 7 and 8-string electric guitars.  Some people like to refer to this specific subgenre of prog metal as "djent," but many bands dislike its use, including the guitarist from Periphery, Misha Mansoor, who created the term.  So expect to hear some people make fun of it, though it definitely describes this particular guitar tone rather well, as you can hear in Periphery's song "Icarus Lives!"  You'll notice that the band's singing is based in hardcore, so you'll get a back and forth between melodic, clean vocals, and heavy screamed ones.  Here's a song that has some amazing and crazy guitar work, and an awesome music video, called "Make Total Destroy."  And finally the more melodic "Jetpacks Was Yes!"  Hope you guys enjoy them, because i sure do!  And I'd like to thank Alex from England for introducing me to them!  See you guys later!

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