476: Titilating

The other 51% is simply because it's The Answer, and everything they do automatically becomes the best thing of the year.  To hear their new song, "Spectacular," and see the NSFW music video, click here (smut peddling ftw).  And if the video is restricted in your country, you can also watch it here.  The Answer's upcoming album, New Horizon, is being released at the end of September, and can be pre-ordered WITH FREE SHIPPING from Amazon.uk.  Trust me, you're going to want this album.

Also yo, how the FUCK did my artwork get a thousand times better since yesterday?!  Seriously, look at Wednesday's me, and Monday's Arya, and then back at today, I'm not hallucinating this shit right?!  Well sweet, now I actually think noses were the best fucking idea ever.  Noses forever, it's decided folks, you can all go home now.

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