477: Full Page Rant: Your Own Worst Critic

And before you all ask: No, you guys don't get to hear my songs.  That is for a much later time.  Here's a video of the full Daily Show interview with Mario Batali, for your viewing pleasure.

Also, I aplogize for being kinda MIA on the music page this weekend.  My sleep schedule has been all wonky these past few days, and this essay wound up taking me way longer to finish than I expected.  I ended up going through six drafts of this puppy before settling on this one.  I do really like some of the notes that I cut out of it, though.  They didn't fit into the essay, and are basically just the same topics with different wording, but they have a simplicity to them that I rather enjoy.

I'm pretty much dead right now after finishing this, so I'll see you guys tomorrow with our next comic!  See you then!

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