481: Fan Art: Sarah from 'Mericaland

Here's some fan art from our old friend Sarah from 'Mericaland!  She's back, and she's done an absolutely adorable job with our characters here, except of course for the glaring inaccuracy of Cassie having two eyes, which we all know is just a myth.

You guys will probably notice that the site looks different now!  You'll also probably notice that it doesn't look that great yet!  My web designer managed to get half of the updates done, while simultaneously juggling several other website jobs at the same time.  But he'll be unavailable for the next several weeks, so we're gonna make due with our incomplete site until then.  And once we're back in action, we'll be able to finish up all the changes that haven't been implemented yet.  I'll be posting a few more sketches this week, and then getting back into regular comic and music updates next Monday.

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