483: Style Practice

Here are some practice drawings that I did to show off my newest style for the characters.  Over the break, I finally realized what I was doing wrong about my faces and noses.  Turns out all I needed to do was connect a person's eye to the side of their nose for it to look completely better.  Well, that, and reduce the size of their eyes, close the gap between their nose and mouth, change the direction of my light source/shadows, and find better line thicknesses to use for my outlines and inlines, but MOSTLY it was the nose-connection thing.  I really like how everyone came out in this except for Wade.  It was my first attempt with him, whereas everyone else got plenty of practice prior to this.  But, there are several things about him that I do like, and several things that I don't like but know how to improve on for the next time.  Kevin and Arya are probably my favorites here, since they were the ones who needed the most improvement. (The girls were pretty awesome already.)  I can't wait to look back on this a month from now and think that it all looks terrible.

See you guys on Monday!

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