485: Excite-levels

This comic is about no artist in particular, it's just illustrating the stages I go through whenever I find an amazing new artist.  It's always nice to hear a good single, but if the artist's other songs are all equally as good, that's a special treat.  And then if I find out that they have a dozen freakin' albums out already, that's just an adventure waiting to happen.  But nothing will ever compare to finding a great artist who gives away their music for free, especially if they have A LOT of music.  That act contains far more good feels than a human body can withstand, and I often need to take a moment to recover from it whenever it happens.

So what do you guys think of the newer art style?  Pretty sweet, right?  Cassie hasn't even changed at all (since she's already the best ever), but newer facial features and hair coloring means I get to look even handsomer than usual now!  Those faces were really fun to play around with as well.

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