489: Primus

I sure hope nobody knows what all the members from Primus look like, because I kinda totally made up that guy on the right.  Primus was like a lot o bands from the 90s, in that they were hugely influential for developing genres like funk-rock and nu metal, but their popularity slowly dwindled as their novelty wore off.  Luckily for awesome-man Les Claypool and his bodacious bandmates, their comeback album got a positive reaction a few years ago, and they're set to record another pretty soon.  Primus is definitely a band that I would like to see survive through the 90s and beyond.

In other music news, South Africa's own Dan Patlansky has recently released his first acoustic album, called Wooden Thoughts.  It is fucking awesome and beautiful, as though you'd expect any less from SRV's most worthy successor.  Check out a little intro of his song "Miss Oowee" here, and swoon over how fucking dreamy the man is when he talks.  You can check out the full song on the MUSIC page.  And then here's a live cover of The Band's song "The Weight," which is also on the album.  Pick up the album if you're interested in some amazing acoustic blues songs and beautiful classic rock covers, you can purchase it from Dan's website for the equivalence of about $16 USD.

Oh yeah, and that reminds me:  HOLY FUCK YOU GUYS, Dan Patlansky has finally set up his own digital store for his music!  We can all finally buy his music and support him, from any country where Paypal works!  You can get his latest two albums, as well as one of his earlier ones, as digital or physical copies! (here's a taste from the album 20 Stones.)  And this other DOUBLE ALBUM of his is still available randomly over here on 7Digital as well!  Support this man with all your heart, his guitar playing is one of a kind.  ...And that kind is Stevie Ray Vaughan.

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