490: Never Gets Easier

Sorry for the late upload folks, I literally could not decide on a topic for today's comic, I kept starting it and then scrapping it over and over again.  I was finally like, "Goddammit, I wish I could just do one about The Answer's new album, but I have to WAIT until that arrives before I can even- waaaaaaaaaaait a second...."   For those of you who don't know - and that shouldn't be anyone, because you all obviously love The Answer, like you should - The Answer's latest album, New Horizon, was released in the UK yesterday.  It was supposed to be released worldwide today on iTunes, but the US store is making us wait another week for some reason.  Meanwhile, I pre-ordered my special edition physical copy, as usual, and have to wait a few days for it to arrive from the UK, and it's by far the longest few days of my life.  This happens every time they release an album, and it never gets any easier, let me tell you.  I'm of course going to do a big review of the album once I get it and listen to it a couple of times, so expect that at some point over the next week.  Can't wait!  See you guys later!

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