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October 1, 2013
Alright, Alright
Chickenfoot III (2011)

Here's a classic sounding song from Chickenfoot III, which is of course Chickenfoot's second album. (duh.)  This song is a good example of why the album was better than their first.  You get all the Sammy Hagar-ness you want from his singing, you get all the Joe Satriani-ness you want from his guitar solos, and it's a catchy song which doesn't get boring halfway through.  All things that weren't there on the first album.  Though, you can definitely hear how Sammy Hagar's voice is a little strained on the high notes there - a clear sign that his voice is aging, though it's a pretty good sounding vocal strain.  Compared to David Lee Roth's inability to sing nowadays, Sammy's voice has aged remarkably well.


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