Song of the Day

October 3, 2013
Take The Beaten Path
Shattered Skies
Reanimation [EP] (2011)

Here's a cool song by progressive metal band Shattered Skies.  These guys are very djent-y, and very technical, like a lot of prog metal bands these days, but their vocals are much more melodic than most other bands.  It definitely gives them their own unique identity.  This debut EP of theirs is phenomenal, and they just finished recording their first full-length album as well, which is probably going to be just as good.  Apparently, there's only going to be 5 tracks on it, one of which is 15-minutes long, which is practically getting into Haken territory at this point.  If this is true, it means their debut LP will actually have fewer songs on it than their debut EP.  How crazy would that be??


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