495: Jolie Sketches

Hello hello, everyone.  Sorry for taking the week off unexpectedly, I was bogged down with extra shifts and long family obligations that made any previous ambitions I had for drawing crumble apart.  So rather than try to juggle everything at once, I decided to wait until the next week before coming back to comics.  I drew this little Jolie Collage tonight to give myself some more practice, and I figured you guys deserved something before Monday's comic, as well.  You'll notice that I'm drawing the eyes and nose differently now.  The way I was drawing them before wasn't really working, and I figured it was because I was trying to draw a semi-realistic nose with non-realistic rectangular eyes.  So the obvious solution in my head was, "forget about realism!  Just go for cartoony!  Make EVERYTHING MORE cartoony!"  And wow, I like it a LOT better.  I guess there's a reason so many cartoonists draw eyes and noses this way: it's because it fucking works, apparently.  The colored Jolies in each group are exactly the same except for their skin tones; one has a lighter skin tone while the other has a tanner one.  I couldn't decide which skin tone I liked better, so I included them both on the collage.  I know it might look like an insignificant difference to you guys, but even that tiny distinction is incredibly crucial to me.  My favorite Jolies are the two on the bottom.  You can tell just from looking at all these drawings that I was getting better as I went along.  Each face came out just a little bit better than the last.  I'm excited to try out the same style on my other characters, because this could help correct all the problems I was having with nose/eye integration.  See you guys on Monday again with more comics or whatever!

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