Song of the Day

November 21, 2013
#500 is goddamn

Many of you have written in asking where the next comic is, so for those of you who are tearing your hair out, just have patience my friends.  This is the longest thing I've ever done, and it has the best art I've ever drawn.  And I am not cutting any corners with it; I am taking my sweet-ass time.  You guys are getting put on hold, for which I apologize, but this is something I'm choosing not to half-ass.  In the future, when people visit this site, they will see a 500th comic that is magnificent, for all eternity, and will never be aware of how long it took to finish.  I'm doing it for them, I'm doing it for me, and I'm doing it for you, because after you see how it's turning out, you'll be thankful for the wait. I love you guys, and I'm working on it every single night.

Now, time to give the actual SONG on this page the attention it deserves.  This is a song appropriately called "Taking Our Time," by the Australian rock band Rival State.  It appears on their debut album Apollo Me (2013).  Rival State is perfect for fans of pop rock who want something a little harder, or hard rock fans who want something a little more melodic.  Basically what I'm saying is that they blend pop rock and hard rock together and thus fall somewhere in between the two.  The album is quite awesome, I highly recommend it to fans of poppy, harmonized choruses and sweet guitar riffs.


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