501: Fashionista

Clothes shopping in Pokemon X and Y is far more addictive than it has a right to be.  Personally, I spend every penny I have on every outfit I see, and change them all around every few days, cuz I'm trendy like that.  And best of all, it allows us nerdy slobs to look all stylish and expensive for once, from the comfort of our disgusting, disgusting homes.  It's super fun and it makes me feel pretty.

So I've been getting email after email from you guys these past few days, turns out a lot of you liked #500, and are very happy that we're back in action.  Who'd have guessed?!  Thank you to all the first-time emailers, as well as all the crotchety old regulars who decided to to chime in.  It's good to know you haven't all left me like you should have.  And a very special thanks to Shani from New England, a progressive rock fan who overcame her shyness to send us this adorable little MS Paint fan art.  She and I are best friends now, this fan art makes it canon.  You rock Shani.  Progressively.  See you guys on Wednesday!

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