503: Dr. Feelgood

You know what sucks?  Being done with a comic, and then not getting to upload it until 24 hours later.  It was Friday evening, and I was finishing up this comic, when my family was all like "Hey, do you wanna get together and have fun for like the next 7 hours?"  And I'm all like, "No, I hate fun! Go away!"  But then they force me to have a lot of fun anyways, those jerks.  And then, once I'm finally free from all that happiness in the wee hours of Saturday morning, I go online to upload my now-late comic, to find that my webhost's servers are down, and I can't get to my site.  I stay up until 6AM, waiting for the servers to come back online, with no luck, and then say "fuck it, I'm going to bed."  I then sleep for 14 hours (not even joking), and upon waking up, my site was finally back online!  Yay!  So here is your comic, which totally should have gone up on time, until life was like "Nah."  To make up for the extra wait, here's a thing I found for you guys.

The doctor I saw after smashing my finger was, let's say, a little less than reassuring.  Nerve damage, which is a normal side effect of smashed fingers, can be very unpredictable about the way it heals.  Some people recover from nerve damage very quickly, others might never recover, and there's no way to tell which one it's going to be.  And of course, this made me worried about my guitar playing.  The finger that got smashed was my left pointer finger, the one that I do barre chords with, and most of my fretting, so a PRETTY FUCKING IMPORTANT FINGER TO ME, to say the least.  And when I asked the doctor how long it'd take to get the feeling back in it, his answer was basically "Who knows? Maybe a month, maybe a year, maybe never!"  It's a very accurate answer, sure, but when a guitar player asks if he'll ever get the feeling back in his finger again, you should probably at least try to comfort those fears a little bit, don't you think, doc?  Just a little, "I'm sure you'll heal fine." that's all I need!

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