504: Worries

Aw, goddammit, I just realized I forgot to draw my splint in the last panel.  Fuck, this is gonna be like my tattoo all over again.  But anyways, yeah, I had myself a little emotional moment like this. The uncertainty is always the worst part.  If you know something's wrong, you're able to move forward and take it on, but waiting around not knowing what's gonna happen is a hundred times more stressful.

On a far more lighthearted note, however, I have a long due announcement fhat I'm sure you will all be excited for.  I now have a Twitter account and a Facebook page for 3-Chord Dorks that you can all follow/like to your hearts content.  The facebook page won't be updated very often, but the Twitter account definitely will be.  I've already gotten a little addicted to it over the last few days.  You'll get normal tweets as well as announcements for when new comics go up on the site, which will help out anyone not subscribed to the RSS feed.  You'll find the links to all of these up on the right side of the menu bar.  See those nice buttons there?  You can click on 'em!  Unfortunately, the Twitter button isn't working just yet, and I'm getting it fixed.  But you can find my Twitter page right here, or by searching Twitter for @3chorddorks.  Hope to see you all over there!

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