Song of the Day

January 14, 2014
Too Much Time On My Hands
Paradise Theater (1981)

Here's a song from Styx's tenth studio album, Paradise Theater.  One of two concept albums, the other being the notorious Kilroy Was Here, which followed.  You have to admit, a story-driven concept album goes hand-in-hand with a band as theatrical as Styx.  This particular song was written and sung by guitarist Tommy Shaw, who started having a bigger hand in writing after joining the band in '76.  Styx members never shared joint writing duties on their songs - one person would write all of it, and then also sing it.  And after keybaordist Dennis DeYoung left the band in the 90's (which he was pretty up in arms about), Tommy Shaw had to clench his fist and take up the majority of the songwriting duties thereafter.  The songs became much less keyboard-based and much more guitar-oriented after that, and it's not hard to nail down exactly why that is.


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