505: Silver Lining

This strip is dedicated to the dozen people who emailed me saying, "Don't worry about your finger!  Tony Iommi injured himself and look at him now!"  And I had to be all like, "Hey yeah, you're right!" and pretend that this comic wasn't already written way before that.  But you guys are too kind, and you clearly know just the right thing to say to me, so keep it up.

It's a famous story for heavy metal fans.  Before founding Black Sabbath, Tony Iommi worked in a sheet metal factory, where he lost two of his fingertips in a machine accident.  But instead of learning to play the guitar with his other hand, he instead tuned his guitar down to make the strings more slack, and focused mostly on playing power chords and simple riffs.  This ended up giving his guitar the deep, slow, heavy riff sound that Black Sabbath would later become famous for, and which would revolutionize the burgeoning genre of heavy metal.  Luckily for myself, I still HAVE all my fingertips, so it was never going to be that big of a problem anyway.  The uncertainty of the nerve damage extent had simply made me a little paranoid.

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