Song of the Day

January 19, 2014
Three Fingers
Rival Sons
Head Down (2012)

I'm uploading this pretty late in the evening; you guys probably thought I wouldn't put up a new song today, but I wasn't about to leave you guys empty-handed.  Right as the hands on your clock are approaching midnight, right as you're about to claw your eyes out in frustration, I bring you a cool bluesy song from Rival Sons.  Hand-picked by me because of its sexual-sounding title, and for no other reason.  I swear, I tried to resist it the urge to choose this song, but I just couldn't shake it.  I guess a quick slap on the wrist is in order for me, huh?

Tomorrow is our last day of hand-puns, folks!  I'm sure you'll all be biting your nails in anticipation until then.


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