510: There's No Escaping It.

It's a problem that most female musicians have to deal with at some point - people judging them based solely on their appearances, or judging their music differently because of it.  And especially for female cover artists/video game musicians, people tend to be really creepy or judgmental.  If you try to hide yourself or be modest, people will comment on it.  If you show yourself and try to look nice, people will comment on it.  There is almost no escape from physical judgment.  So fellas, if you're a fan of a female musician, particularly female game composers and cover artists, do them a favor and leave comments about their music, and not about their looks.  They're playing music for you, what they look like is not important.

Speaking of video game composers, I thought I'd pimp this rad soundtrack that was just released yesterday.  It's the soundtrack to the indie game Saturday Morning RPG, written by duo Vince DiCola and Kenny Meriedeth of Rocky IV and Transformers: The Animated Movie fame.  It's a super exciting and intense mix of synth, rock, and electronica fit for the most action-packed 80s sci-fi movie.  It also happens to feature a song by one Jake Kaufman, and one by my personal loves Stemage and C-jeff, as well.  You can listen to and purchase the album right here on its bandcamp page.  I recommend the songs "What Was That?," "Legacy," and the vocal track "No Risk No Glory."  That's it!  See you guys on the next comic!

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