511: Originality

Alternately titled "Because I didn't want to draw a whole bunch of different panels if I didn't need to."

I've got a cool hard rock band from Italy to share with you guys today.  These guys are called Shide, and they just came out with their first album a little over a year ago.  The guitars are pretty deep for hard rock, and their songs are a little more mellow and minor-scaled than the usual blues-based riffs you hear from the genre.  Their vocalist has a really great voice as well, perfect for rock singing.  Though she never gets too loud, so sometimes she gets overpowered by the guitars.  You can check out songs from their debut album right here on their website, as well as some links to where you can purchase it.  I'd like to thank Sam from New Zealand, who totally thought I was dead during our two-month break, for recommending these guys to me.  They certainly make me glad I wasn't dead.  Thanks Sam!

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