513: Hourly Comics 2014

The stuff afterwards included answering emails, making pasta for dinner and a whiskey and coke, playing some Street Fighter, doing these doodles, and listening to the Two Best Friends podcast.  You guys already got more than 24 hours with these ones, so I wasn't about to draw everything up until 6 AM the following morning.  It was a lot of fun to draw these things, and to go back to doodling with pencil and paper, just as much fun as I had hoped, though I never expected how stressful it was to try to make my day seem interesting.  I was in my room going "I HAVE TO DO SOMETHING INTERESTING I HAVE TO ENTERTAIN THE INTERNEEEEEET."  But then I wouldn't be able to think of anything, and I'd just give up and watch more Two Best Friends Play.  So everyone wins, really.

I'll be back on Wednesday with the next regular comic!  See you guys then!

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