514: Blocked

I really dislike Adblock, you guys.  Advertisements are the main source of income for most of the websites and channels on the internet, especially those that offer free content, and using Adblock prevents a lot of those channels from earning revenue.  You know that favorite YouTuber you love?  If you use Adblock, you're preventing them from earning money.  You know that favorite streaming site you use?  If you use Adblock, you're preventing it from getting revenue.  You're not stealing anything from them, but you are basically being the person in the comic above.  You're stopping them from getting paid by companies and advertisers.  

Now, I know a lot of you probably use Adblock, and you probably love it.  And that's totally fine, I understand how fucking annoying some ads can get, believe me.  There's nothing wrong with simply watching a person's content - that's what they're making it for, and even with Adblock, you're still supporting them by enjoying their work.  It isn't a black-and-white evil thing to use, but choosing not to use it is always the best case scenario.  Their content cost you literally nothing, you get it for the price of 30 seconds.  And by using Adblock, you're deciding that those 30 seconds are more important than a person getting paid for their work.  There's no moral highground to using Adblock, it simply comes down to what your priorities are, and whether you're comfortable restricting a person's revenue for your own convenience.

[Edit] Shortly after I made this comic (about a week after, I think), Jim Sterling made his own episode about AdBlock.  He takes a more middle-ground approach to the topic, which is useful here, since I tend to be very anti-Adblock.  You can check out the episode right here.

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