515: Dog Hat

This is a little thing I drew for my artist pal Darren, who wears a dog hat all the time like a big dumb dork.  You can see Darren's art over on his Tumblr page and his Twitter feed; he draws a lot of YouTube guitarists and pictures of me kissing dudes over there.

For today's band recommendation I have an Icelandic prog metal band called Sólstafir.  Their style has been called psychadelic, melodic, and post-metal by some people, and I would add stoner rock to that as well, because when these guys aren't playing long, slow, melodic hymns, they're rocking out with fast, deep guitar riffs.  I'll let you hear both styles here, first with their drawn-out, hypnotic single "Fjara," and then with their fast, rockin track "Love Is The Devil."  Finally, a more progressive one that alternates between the slow and upbeat styles, called "Ljós í Stormi."  Sólstafir has been incredibly successful with their last few LPs, which means it's the perfect time to hop on board the Iceland train and enjoy some cold-ass viking music.  A big shoutout to Steven from Texas for recommending this band!  You do those infamous Texan Vikings proud, Steven!

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