518: The Gift, Part I

 Fun fact, I spend 100% of my free time sitting on the couch just staring downward.

Are you guys ready for some kickass sludge metal?  Back in the early 90s there was a band known as Acid Bath.  Although they were very influential for the developing genre, the death of their bassist forced them to disband after only a few years, with only two albums to their name.  It's quite a shame, because their brand of sludge sounds really kickass.  Fans of slower doom metal AND fans of faster stoner metal will definitely find a lot to enjoy from them, as they tend to shift back and forth often between the two styles.  You can hear their slower playing on their song "Graveflower," their faster playing on the song "Tranquilized," and some brutal screaming vocals for the hardcore/metalcore fans on "Dope Fiend."  I really love the guitar tone that these guys have, it's both perfect for the genre AND has that slight low-fi appeal that comes with indie metal and stoner metal.  Big thanks go out to Jake from Somewhere Or Other (probably /mu/) for this awesome recommendation.  Very good choice, Jake.

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