521: The Gift, Part IV

This joke is funnier if you live in the Northern Hemisphere.  So I guess all my readers in Australia and South Africa should just learn how to be less upside-down on the Earth.  Also my readers in Southeast Asia.  And I guess a lot of Central and South America are pretty close to the Equator, so....  You know what, how about everyone in the world just pretend you live in America or Europe, like you're already forced to do when watching every other form of media.  I see no flaws in this plan whatsoever.

I'm sorry that the updates have been skipping around this week.  I'm currently working on two of my own personal side projects, so I've had to divide work time between everything.  I'll be back with a new comic for you on Monday, so please get excite for then!  Have a good weekend, everybody!

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