523: Oh, Reignwolf!

I definitely should've redone this guy's hair, but damn, curly hair is hard to draw.  The original version of this comic was only going to be these two panels, but I knew it wasn't enough information for most people to get the joke, so more panels.  And you probably still don't get the joke anyway!  Hooray!

Our man Reignwolf here is a one-man blues band.  And when I say "one-man band," I don't mean he records a bunch of instruments and then puts them together in his studio, I mean he plays guitar, drums, and sings at the same time.  WELL.  His solo songs usually incorporate voice, guitar, and kick drum, while his full-band songs will add an additional bass player and drummer.  And every once in a while he decides to step it up another notch by doing it all himself, like in this video for his song "Electric Love."  Jorge from Spain (the scrappy young bastard he is) described Reignwolf as "Jimmy Page having unprotected sex with B.B. King's guitar."  Personally, I think it's more like Jimmy Page having unprotected sex with a drum machine.  So in other words, fucking killer.  Reignwolf has only released two singles so far, so hopefully more are on the way, but in the meantime, let's thank Jorge for introducing us to his sweet-ass music.  I'll see you guys in another day or two with a new comic, so have a good weekend until then!

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