524: Brothers

Today's band rec is for the fans of ambient music and spoken word.  The band is Rome, originally from Luxembourg, who are usually referred to as an "apocalyptic folk" or "dark ambient" band.  The songs are slow, the instruments are very minimalistic, and the vocals are done in a slow, poetic monotone.  Excellent for relaxation, thought stimulation, background music, or putting your ming to the artistic grindstone.  Here are a few of their more popular songs: "To Die Among Strangers" and "Qwerkraft."  As the description on the first and the video on the second would suggest, the lyrics often deal with themes of military and war.  Please enjoy the mellow, mellow sounds of this band that search bars absolutely hate.  And thank you to David from Probably-Not-Rome-Because-That-Would-Be-Too-Amazing for his very /mu/core suggestion.  See you guys soon!

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