Song of the Day

March 15, 2014
I've Seen The Sun
Five Iron Frenzy
Engine Of A Million Plots (2013)

My favorite song from the album.  Why, you might ask?  It's not the most technically proficient song on the album, nor the catchiest during the majority of its body.  So why?  It's because of the ending  That final 40 seconds, when this song turns into the most uplifting theme I've ever heard.  Claps, harmony, repeating phrase of "It's gonna be alright" - pure joy.  But here's the secret to this song: the ending is only effective because of the 2 minutes that precede it.  The song is very somber, very minor, it's got an upbeat chorus rhythm but it's not particularly happy-sounding, and the verses are downplayed and quieter.  And then the bridge and the transition back to the chorus is quieter still, with very little instrumentation.  It's this somberness and quietness that makes the sudden switch to the cheerful reassurance of the finale hit so hard.  It's hope amidst the despair, a light at the end of the darkness.  If the song was light for its entirety, it would be beautiful, but a light at the end of darkness is infinitely more beautiful.


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