526: St. Paddy's Day

Some St. Paddy's Day shenanigans for you guys!  The holiday so rowdy it spills over into the next day, which is today!  If you're wondering why Arya didn't come with Cassie and me, it's because I needed a straight man in this comic, and that's the entire reason.  To continue the celebration from yesterday, or perhaps to celebrate your hangovers today, here's a Celtic punk band you guys might not have heard of.  They're the Tossers from Chicago, founded back in the early 90's.  Similar to classic Celtic punk bands, they go the more traditional route by excluding electric guitars, and sticking with all acoustic instruments (barring one bass guitar) for a better folk/jig sound.  The songs are, appropriately, still about drinking, fighting, fucking shit up, and pissing people off, as they are expected to be.  If you're a fan of Irish music or Celtic punk, or are simply looking for some good old-fashioned drinking music, check out some of their songs here.  First is "Siobhan," and second is "Faraway."  Cheers, mates.

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