527: Asking For It

I'm sure this comic won't inspire any emails whatsoever.  /mu/tants are polite bros and they would never think about trolling people.  Also, after the last comic, @zetsubouwalker on Twitter pointed out that my copyright on the bottom right corner still said 2013 on it.  So naturally, I took careful measures to fix it on this one.  And by careful measures, I mean I completely forgot about it until right before uploading, and then hastily scribbled a "4" onto it by hand.  Pretty sure I'll remember to change the text before the next comic, though!  There's no way I'd forget to do it twice, I would have to be absent-minded for that to happen, which of couse I'm totally not!

Today I bring you another doom/stoner metal band from the United States called Black Pyramid.  Though the band is currently on hiatus, they've got three albums and several EPs and singles that all harken back in style to two very influential doom metal bands: Black Sabbath and Electric Wizard.  The guitar riffs and long song structures will sound familiar to fans of both, and the tone of the guitar itself sounds directly inspired by E.W.  The vocals get screamier on some of their later songs due to the band getting a new singer/guitarist, but the guitar work remains the same riff-heavy style throughout their history.  Here's one of their early songs called "Mirror Messiah," and an awesome slow one from their latest album called "Aphelion."  And here's another one from that album that shows off their screamier side.  I am always looking out for more Sabbathy-style doom metal bands, so I'd like to give a huge thanks to Nicolò from Italy for introducing me to these guys.  That Nicoò is a pretty cool guy if you ask me.  See you guys in a few days!

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