Song of the Day

March 21, 2014
You Never Should
My Bloody Valentine
Isn't Anything (1988)

A few days ago I was talking to @isaiahlemmon5 on Twitter about My Bloody Valentine and our favorite songs on their first album.  My favorites all tend to be the upbeat ones where the guitar gets to rock out, this one being amongst them.  Though, personally I'm not too fond of the drumming on this album.  It sounds unskilled, and there are wayyyyyy too many drum fills that are just boring old snare rolls (like the majority of the fills in this song).  Though @isaiahlemmon5 did point out that this makes the band sound super punk, and I can't disagree with that.  It sounds way more punk when the drumming is amateur and unpolished, when it sounds like it's just some scrappy fucking kid sitting down behind a drumset hitting on shit because what the fuck does he care.


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