529: Depth

About a month ago, longtime reader and longer-time Australian, Brady, sent me a couple music recs.  Three artists, which all had one important link between them: they've all recorded music for the game League Of Legends in one way or another.  Not being a LoL player myself, it was a new and pleasant surprise to see so much original rock and metal coming from the game and from the fan community, and the popular response that these artists receive from the players.  All the artists that Brady recommended turned out to be awesome, so I'll give each one their own feature over the next few pages.  And of course, I'd like to give Brady a huge pre-emptive shoutout for all the fantastic music we'll be hearing in the upcoming days.

To start us off on our Lolgendary journey, we have a killer rock singer and video gamer named Nicki Taylor.  In 2012, Nicki was invited to Riot Games' studio to record the theme song for the character Vi, which you can hear here.  Before that, she was in a short-lived rock band called Running The Risk, who were forced to abandon their name due to legal reasons, effectively ending them.  Before their demise, the band released one single, which incudes a super high-octane cover of "War Pigs," and several other songs which Nicki provides for download on her Reverb Nation page.  At first, I was a little upset that the single cost $3 for only two songs, but considering the other songs are all downloadable for free, it actually came out to $3 for six songs.  So, thank you for that, Nicki Taylor, that single is SUPER worth the price now.  And that's besides the fact that the songs are all fucking sweet.  Here's hoping Nicki gets to record a lot more music down the road.

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