530: Depth, Part II

Sorry for the delay, guys!  I started a new job last week, and it's been a little weird getting used to the new work schedule.  I normally start drawing late at night, after people have gone to sleep, but now I'm way too tired for that myself, so I wasn't getting much work done each night.  Hopefully I'll be able to start drawing earlier, but sometimes that's hard with everyone else's activities going on around me.

On the plus side, I think this comic came out great in the end!  I got the coloring exactly how I wanted it.  But enough about that, I promised you guys some more Brady from Australia recommendations! Today we're going power metal with the band Falconshield. Originally started by Josef Falkensköld (whose name literally translates to "Falconshield," what a badass) as a one-man band on his YouTube channel, the band has sinced DOUBLED in size! (to two people...)  Very standard power metal in terms of songwriting and instrumentation, played and recorded incredibly well, and of course, always League Of Legends inspired.  Here's a few of their songs to get a taste of the style: their close-to-contest-winning "Hecarim," and their song "The Hunt Is On."  All of their songs are available on Bandcamp, for the incredibly low price of €5 or more.  Definitely worth checking out for all fans of power metal.

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