531: Depth, Part III

Yeah, because invalidating a person's racial identity definitely isn't "actual" racism.

And now it's time for our final Brady-from-Australia-League-of-Legends-recommentacular-music-LoL-a-thon suggestion.  This time, it's a Norwegian heavy metal band called Djerv.  Their singer Agnete Kjølsrud sang the vocals for the LoL song "Get Jinxed," which has a pretty awesome music video to accompany it.  Djerv's own music walks the line of rock and metal, with Agnete taking a screamier approach to several of their songs, such as "Madman," and more similar to "Get Jinxed" on others, such as their song "Headstone."  Though the band claims to have roots in black metal, I actually find the guitar style of many of their songs to be closer to groove metal, which makes a great cocktail when combined with modern rock aspects.  I hope you all enjoyed these Lol-inspired bands this past week, I know I sure did.  And for that, I owe another big thanks and shoutout to Brady from Australia.  You rock dude, and now I know League of Legends does, too.

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