532: Depth, Part IV

Here's your new comic, folks!  Sorry for the period of absense over the past week.  My life has been filled to burst with a bunch of new goings-on – new job, new acquaintances, new art projects, new family plans – all very rad, and all of which have been stealing my focus lately.  I'm still putting aside some time for comics, but I might not be getting them out as quickly (i.e. not very quickly) as usual.  If you'd like to be kept up-to-date with new pages, you can always subscribe to the RSS Feed or follow me on Twitter (where you'l get to see me show off super rad art, like this one by Alice from Sweden)!  Either way, I'll still see you guys back here with each new comic, HOPEFULLY every couple of days!

But, I'm not gonna leave you guys hanging in the meantime, either.  I have another excellent rock band to introduce to you all while you wait for future comics!  This is a UK band called Cage The Gods, a modern band in the vein of The Answer (whom they opened up for in Scotland) and The Treatment (whom were also recommended to me by the same person), meaning they bring all the classic rock flavor you could ever hope for.  Besides the insanely tasty guitar riffs featured in their songs, the singer's voice sounds straight out of an 80's band, as you might be able to hear in their single, "Favorite Sin."  They've recently released their first LP, "Badlands," and I can attest that it is as hard and awesome as that video would have you believe.  You can pick it up on Amazon or itunes today, and then thank Adam from Scotland for the amazing new suggestion!  Thank you Adam!  See you guys later!

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