533: Depth, Part V

The song that Wade is referencing in the first panel is "Mr. N***a," from Mos Def's first album, Black On Both Sides.

But anyway, greetings and welcome back, dorks and nerds!  Here's your latest comic in our backstory arc, which should be finishing up soon!  I'm also working on new character portraits for the ABOUT page, as well as some new buttons for the site navigation!  Everything's gonna be lookin' so spiffy!

And now it's time for a new DEATH METAL BAND for you guys.  This time: Bloodshot Dawn from the UK.  Fans of thrash metal will find plenty to enjoy in the band's guitar playing.  The riffs are fast, and the solos are especially reminiscent, focusing primarily on melody and fingertapping.  They screaming vocals are also higher up than the usual deep growls of death metal, adding to the hardcore-thrash tone of the music.  So fans of both genres will find Bloodshot Dawn a very welcome compromise.  You can hear all these elements in the music video for their song "Vision."  And here's a little drum porn of their song "Illusion Aesthetic" for you as well, which features more prominent death growls in the vocals.  Bloodshot Dawn's music is available for purchase on their Bandcamp page, and I'd like to thank Calder from Calderavia for introducing me to the band.  See you guys next week!

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