534: Depth, Part VI

Hi everybody!  Welcome back!  It's been a while since my last update (I think about three weeks?), I'm sorry to keep you guys waiting!  I've been working on a lot of things besides the comic these past few weeks – including a lot of original art, and a bunch of new site updates – some of which you guys will see, and some of which you won't.  One of the things that you guys CAN see is the brand new ABOUT page, complete with new portraits and character descriptions!  Go check it out!

Other than that, life has been a fun, busy frolic lately, with new friends, old friends, family, work, and personal betterment, that has left me with far less time to indulge in my usual frivolous dawdling.  It does, however, leave me with a more consistent drawing schedule during the week, which is something I've never had before.  I'm hoping that being able to draw at the same time each day will mean more consistent updates with the comic, but only time will tell if that works out.  For now, though, my main focus is back to drawing comics, so yay for that!

Now, as a little coming home present, I have a new thrash metal band from England to recommend to you all!  Their name is Kremated, and they're what happens when a bunch of middle-aged thrash fans get tired of what metal's become, and go on a mission to bring back the simple, agressive thrash of old.  A worthy (though maybe a bit futile) cause, and the band's music lives up pretty well to the fast 80s thrash they're trying to emulate, with songs like "Thrash Ain't Dead."  I actually really like this music video, mostly for its low production quality.  Its simple editing and effects are something you'd expect to see from some high school film student, and it kinda gives the video a punk feel to it.  You can also check out some more of their songs on their website, mostl of which are from their first studio album.  And if you enjoy this dose of OG thrash metal, be sure to thank Adam from England for spotting these guys at a show!  You rock, Adam!  And so do the rest of you nerds out there, you guys rock too!  I'll be back in a few days for you all, see you then!

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