536: Old News

That title was meant to be a play on words.  It is not a very recognizable play on words.  This news came out about a month ago: Malcolm Young, rhythm guitarist and founding member of AC/DC, has moved back home to his family in Australia due to declining health.  We don't know how bad he is yet, but he is no longer able to tour with the band, and probably won't be able to record with them on their next album.  The band has promised to continue recording new music, and are most likely getting Malcolm's nephew Stevie Young to fill in for him in the studio.

Now, we all know this is pretty common for old rock stars.  We're at a time when a lot of the old greats are starting to die off, and I usually don't pay it any mind.  I'm not usually sad about old rock star deaths – they gave us their music, they will live on forever because of it, and there's not much more we could've asked from them.  But hearing the news about Malcolm Young really hit me hard.  It was the first time I've really grieved for an aging rock star, and he ISN'T EVEN DEAD YET!  It made me realize just how important the band is to me, that just the idea of losing one of their members could get me so depressed.  The only other artist that could possibly have this same effect on me would be Eric Clapton, who, let's face it, probably isn't too far off from the grave himself.  When any of these guys die – AC/DC, my favorite band, and Clapton, the man who started it all for me – it's gonna suck SUPER HARD.  I'll probably be inconsolable for a few days after that.  And this news was the first big wake up call for me, the first realization that this shit is probably gonna happen sooner than I expected.

But enough about death and sadness and other fun things like that, the real take away from today should be kickass rock music.  And I've got just the thing for that, courtesy of Canada's Zakk Zielke.  Zakk contacted me on Twitter the other day and told me about the music on his bandcamp page, which much to my great enjoyment, turned out to be awesome.  Alternative with hints of psychadelia, reminiscent of The Beatles on some songs and Radiohead on others, which means no matter what you'll be getting something good.  By the end of the night I had listened to all of his albums, and I'm excited to be able to share them with you guys now.  Big ups to Zakk for the tweets last night and the links to his page, you rock hard dude!

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