537: Gossip

So guess who's embarrassing themselves on Twitter yet again!  That's right, it's this guy!  A few days ago I made a joke at the expense of Chris Slade, the drummer for Tom Jones and Manfred Mann's Earth Band, among others.  After leaving those bands, Slade has had a long career history of playing with a bunch of different artists for only one or two albums, and then leaving.  Making him incredibly successful, but never very famous.  One of those albums was AC/DC's The Razor's Edge (1990), which as any fan will tell you, is one of their best ones post-Back In Black.  This also means he's in one of their most famous music videos – the one for the song "Thunderstruck."  Anyway, after rewatching that video for the umpteenth time, I tweeted, "Let's give it up for one of the two music videos in existence that drummer Chris Slade will ever be in in his life."  I know, it's a pretty biting joke, if I do say so myself.  But hey, it's not like he was ever going to see it, so I had nothing to worry about, am I right?  Except that, as it turns out, his son DID see it, and he didn't take very kindly to my snark.  Jack Slade, drummer for the band Orestea, ended up calling me out on my shit, and oh boy did I have to backpedal after that happened.  It reminded me of the obvious fact that, "oh yeah, these guys have families that are younger now," and it rightfully put me back in my place.  So that was a pretty fun experience.  It's only the second embarrassing moment I've had on Twitter so far, but I'm sure I'll top it sometime soon, just you wait!

If you liked that Orestea music video, and want to check out more of their music, their albums are available to purchase on Amazon and iTunes.

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