538: Boris

Boris is a band that people (mostly from 4chan) have been trying to get me to listen to for a long time.  And when I finally dove into their albums last month, they lived up to all of the hype perfectly.  From the start of their career in mid-90s Japan, Boris has embraced many different styles of music, including stoner rock, psychadelic rock, drone/doom metal, noise rock, pop-alternative akin to Radiohead, and lo-fi garage rock.  An incredibly eclectic band that I found instantly engaging, and full of surprises.  I never knew what style they were going to pull out next, but I was always certain that it was going to be awesome.  And much to my enjoyment, a lot of their most popular albums are available on Amazon for pretty cheap, which meant there was no need for expensive imports (for once).  You can listen to one of their albums right here, and can click through the tracklist to hear some of their different styles.  This particular album has a lot of lo-fi guitar rock on it, drone metal, noise, and some pyschadelia.  Or if you're looking for a more straightforward stoner rock sound, here's a taste of that as well (after a doom metal intro that lasts until 4:45).  Basically, they have a lot of different styles to choose from, and they do them all very well.  Quite a lot of people have recommended this band to me over the past year, but the person who finally got me to listen to them was a guy by the name of Drew.  So thanks for that, Drew, you are officially a coolguy.

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