539: Tommy Karevik

Tommy Karevik is the vocalist for the symphonic metal bands Seventh Wonder and Kamelot, as well as a guest vocalist on Ayreon's most recent rock opera album.  Though I was familiar with Kamelot already, I recently got introduced to Seventh Wonder's music by Boris from Croatia, and Tommy's amazing singing recaptured my attention all over again.  Seventh Wonder started out sounding like any other symphonic metal band, but progressively got more and more progressive, hitting their stride with their third album, Mercy Falls.  A concept album, Mercy Falls allowed them to stretch their artistic muscles with rhythms and moods, and allowed Tommy's voice to shine more than ever before.  Here's the song that Boris first played for me, which was the absolute perfect choice to get me hooked.  And here's one from Kamelot after Tommy joined the band.  Enjoy these songs and bask in the sweet, dulcet tones of our Swedish friend here.

I've been trying to decide whether or not to change my comic schedule to once a week, or maybe even just to "whenever I feel like it."  I'm always really hesitant to make those big kinds of changes, because I know it means less content, but it's kind of been on that schedule recently, anyway.  So all it would really do is make my current schedule official instead of changing anything.  But still, that also feels like losing the battle of productivity that I've been trying desperately to keep fighting for.  Not usually succeeding, but fighting for nonetheless.  I'll let you guys know if I finally give in, but until then, I'll still be trying to get comics out as quickly as possible.  See you guys soon!

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