540: Queen Concert

The Sultan and I got to see Queen with Adam Lambert on tour recently, and the show was nothing short of incredible.  These old classic rock bands have always been divided into one of two groups: bands that still give great live shows, and bands that should've stopped a long time ago.  AC/DC, Ozzy, Slash, Eric Clapton, The Rolling Stones, and many others – all definitively in that first group.  And now we get to add Queen to that roster, as well.  Brian May's guitar playing and Roger Taylor's drumming are as capable as ever, the stage show is a bright, light-filled joy, and most important of all, Adam Lambert is the perfect match for the band.  Whenever people talk about Queen getting a new singer, the first question to come up will invariably be "Who could possibly replace Freddie Mercury?"  The answer, of course, is nobody.  Adam Lambert doesn't try to be Freddie Mercury, he simply lets his presence and his prowess speak for himself, and it works.  He has the range, the voice, and the moves to do these songs justice.  He's perfectly flamboyant at times, and rocking at others – he's different than Freddie Mercury, but the perfect man to take up his torch, and he's earned his spot in my heart for life.  If you guys ever get the chance to see him with Queen, it is a fantastic show, and I highly recommend it.

And now, while we're still talking about recommendations, I'd like to bring up another band that was recently introduced to me by Max from America/Canada/Chile (that fucker gets around).  The Chilean rock band Stoned Rabbit released their debut album last year, showcasing a style of music rooted in modern hard rock, with just a hint of pop alternative.  Which makes a whole lot of sense when they list bands like Foo Fighters and QOTSA amongst their biggest influences, and it shows very clearly.  Fluent English vocals make the music easily accessible to new listeners, and for a self-released debut album, the music is very impressive.  Fans of rocking guitar riffs and the Vans Warped Tour alike will find plenty to love with Stoned Rabbit.  You can download their album for free, right from their ReverbNation page.  And if you enjoy these guys' music, be sure to support them by following them on Facebook or Twitter.  Thanks Max, for the awesome recommendation, and thank you Stoned Rabbit, for the music.

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