543: Plagiarhythm

Yeah. but playing a guitar without strings is WAY harder, I deserve a medal for that shit.  Also, here's a fun fact: "plagiarhythm" is an actual term for taking stolen song samples and using them in your own songs.  I didn't even know that when I thought of it for the title, I'm an accidental genius.

Now if only I was accidentally DEATH METAL, then I might almost be as cool as Australian death metal band Chronolyth.  Melodic, speedy death metal with more guitar riffs in each song than you can shake a crucifix at.  If you've ever listened to Children of Bodom and thought, "I'd love to hear this with even deeper death metal vocals," then this is the band for you!  (Or, you know, if you're just a fan of awesome metal in general...)  Chronolyth's songs are available on their Bandcamp page, for the egregious Australian price of $17.  Luckily, this is some of the best death metal $17 can buy, (and a really cool band logo to boot), so I highly recommend fans to pick it up and to remember this band.  A big huge shoutout to Hawk from Norway for letting me know about this shit.  You're the fucking man, Hawk.  (The fucking... Man-Hawk...?)

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