49: Wade

This comic is supposed to be a joke about my own drawing ability.  I wanted to make fun of the fact that you'd never know Wade was Black without him SPELLING IT OUT TO YOU.  But it didn't really come out that way.  Rereading it now, it just sounds more like a cliché.  Plus, it means Wade had to give an unnecessary info dump, and it didn't really come off sounding natural at all.  I mean, who introduces themselves with an extended backstory?  Oh well, chalk this one up to a failed joke idea.  Lesson learned.

That being said, I can already tell I'm gonna enjoy Wade's character.  I'm also glad that, after 50 strips, I'm finally starting to get Cassie's proportions the way I want.  When I first started, I wanted my drawing to reach the quality I had achieved on the About page profiles.  And now It's surpassed even that, so I have high hopes for the future!

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