4: Madmen

Still a great album that every classic rock fan should have in their collection.  The problem is that it doesn't have the same number of impressive hits that many other Ozzy albums have.  Blizzard of Ozz, his first, was an inspired mix of great riffs, great lyrics, and F**KING awesome guitar solos.  Nearly every song from that album was not only a keeper, but a possible favorite for any fan.  Diary of a Madman suffered from being a weaker version of the same mix.  The riffs were good, not great.  The lyrics and verses were normal and good, but didn't stand out at all.  The solos were still AMAZING, but were not at the foreground of the songs anymore, like on say Crazy Train or Mr. Crowley.  The worst thing I have to say about it is that, being a slower, more heavy-metal oriented album, compared to Blizzard's more classic rock sound, the songs sometimes seem to drag on and become tedious.  That being said, those complaints are mostly due to the overshadowing power that is Ozzy's first album, which was hard to follow, and Diary is still a great rock album that I think everyone should listen to once in their lives.

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